Giorgio Gnesda

Giorgio Gnesda Design began in 1985 and offers many competences, and its activities focus on design, conception and production of unique one-off cars. Elegance, Purity and Innovation are the values that have always characterized Giorgio Gnesda Design's mission. Designing an object means finding a new image which may be used to express the needs and tastes of the actual time. This is the reason because we are always coming up to design again for the everyday objects.
The involvement in the design field was born with a profund love of design. From the time Giorgio Gnesda was a small child, this desire was intensified by a love of automobiles. Most of all, he admired the Lamborghinis, and when he finally met the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, they became fast-friends. He still remembers, during the meetings on his estate in Panicarola, which is in the region of Umbria and on the shores of lake Trasimeno (Italy). Over a glass of wine from his vineyard "Sangue di Miura", they spoke about automobiles and engines. It was a thrilling experience and at that moment they developped some very interesting concepts of future works.


The studios, located in Modena Motor Valley, are able to handle small, medium and large projects involving Super Cars, Hyper Cars and One-Off Cars. We are able to create and manage  appropriate "ad hoc teams" according to the specifications of the individual projects. They employ the various professionals that only the Modena region can offer. This work system guarantees:
To minimize research and development costs
To reduce the "time to market"
The process is tailored to the different projects (Stylistic and/or mechanical restyling, One-off car, Production vehicles, etc.) and essentially consists of:
Agreed style definition
Definition of project specifications
Preliminary studies and costs estimation
3D geometries of body parts
Mechanical componenst design and drawings
Milling of mathematical models
Mold design and components molding
Prototyping of mechanical and body components
Validation test
International Approvals and Homologation
Production equipments

Where Tintorera's logo comes out from? Well, I remember, during a dinner with Ferruccio Lamborghini in the eighties, I asked him: 'how do you choiced the bull for your factories?' He answered me so: 'well, I spent a lot of time to find the right symbol for my tractors. At first, with tractors, I used simply FLC as Ferruccio Lamborghini Cento, but very soon, I understood I must find a symbol that the people might remember. So, I tasked a designer of my town to find a symbol to use with the brand. But, nothing interesting at all! A day, in the morning, reading the local newspaper, and at the end, my eyes saw my zodiac sign in the oroscope page! I thought, I am under the bull! The bull conjures up power and grit! I got a look on that bull for few minutes, but I had understood that the bull it would had been the logo of my brand.' So, then, he made realize the well known bull which continue to be stronger than ever. In this fantastic adventure, remembering the story that Ferruccio told me many years ago, I got a look at my zodiac sign also! I am under the pisces sign, and I admired the sharks always for their shape, their powerful beauty and their efficiency! A perfect machine of the oceans as the perfect brand ambassador of cars which must have the same qualities. Tintorera is the name of the tiger shark, used by some Spanish-speaking peoples in Latin America. Why Modena Heritage? I am very proud to say that In owr team there are great people and friends, that have made history in the modenese automobile, working for the most famous brands, well known for their top cars around the world. Modena is a special place in the world, where everything speaks about sportcars, where unique specialists built unique cars and where everyday impossible things are made! This is Modena and much more!

Ing. Luigi Marmiroli, Giorgio Gnesda, Paride Secchia


Ferruccio Lamborghini and Giorgio Gnesda

Before being a stylist and designer, is very passionate about cars, supercars and aircrafts. In his youth, when he was 12 y.o. only, he had the great opportunity to attend Ferruccio Lamborghini and the initial knowledge became a deep friendship through the years. He can' t forget the nice moments spent togheter and at the last stage of his life, when he had retired, in his farm near Trasimeno lake.It is easy to imagine that he is one of the few people who can enter into Ferruccio's mind by appreciating his genius, his philosophy, his passion for cars. On these bases he founded his enthusiastic work of designer, of course, able to create and express himself with  the simple and romantic pencil but above all with the most modern technological software of which he is a great expert.
Many projects of high performance sport cars, city cars and light aircrafts.

He is currently Chairman of the Flystudio, a national and international consulting firm throughout the field of road vehicles, from M1 cars to commercial vehicles N1 and N2, from quadricycles to special vehicles, from competing cars to challenging, From Formula 1 and Formula Indy race cars to High performance sport cars for Ferrari and Lamborghini, etc. Participating in car salons and at international conferences and meetings, also as a speaker, has direct experience of various European, American and Japanese design systems. He knows laboratories and international research centers as well as many leading figures of major automakers. He had in the past technical responsibility in several financing projects of the Italian Gouvernement.

PARIDE SECCHIA - Body expert
In 1959 he began his experience with the car body Scaglietti, which became the Scaglietti / Ferrari in the 70s. Automotive Pioneering Period. He has professionally grown in the years of creation and development of many of classic Ferrari cars and then several Lamborghini models. Also, he has collaborated at several one-off cars and on the creation of several microcars for the city, including electric traction.


This is one of our proposals for customers who love unique items. We are always available to interpret and realize the desires of those who consider it important to have an extreme and unique car. This is our goal and our passion.

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Etherea is the research study, realised by Tintorera, to celebrate its passion to reinterpret the legend of italian sportcar tradition in a new key.
The thrill that excites and overwhelms ..

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The Tintorera's reinterpretation of an evergreen.
A very clean shape, designed by simply and fast lines, to express power and speed.
The emotions on the wings of the wind.

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